Prices and offers

Super Offer Tariff

15.03 - 12.04
27.04 - 17.05
25.10 - 31.10

  • 2 Adults
  • + B Pitch
  • + Electricity (6A)
  • Child -12

Special Tariff

13.04 - 17.04
22.04 - 26.04
18.05 - 13.06
14.09 - 24.10


  • 2 Adults
  • + B Pitch
  • + Electricity (6A)
  • Child -12

Promotional Tariff

18.04 - 21.04
14.06 - 21.06
28.08 - 13.09


  • 2 Adults
  • + B Pitch
  • + Electricity (6A)
  • Child -12

Basic Tariff

22.06 - 11.07
19.08 - 27.08


  • 2 Adults
  • + B Pitch
  • + Electricity (6A)
  • Child -12

Summer Tariff

12.07 - 18.08


  • 2 Adults
  • + B Pitch
  • + Electricity (6A)
  • Child -12

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Our current offers

Early bird autumn offer

Where does autumn still feel like late summer? Right, on Aquarius!

Pleasant temperatures await you, ideal for relaxing sunny days on the beach or to explore our idyllic surroundings. Book now between: 

21.09.2019 (earliest arrival) and 31.10.2019 (latest departure)

and get 20% discount

The offer is limited to pitches of size “B”, min. stay 7 nights, reservations without a specific pitch number.

Children are FREE!

Offer only valid on on-line reservations with advance payment of the total amount for the stay requested by bank transfer, min. 30 days before arrival. Payment proof will be required upon check-in. Please mention the reference “autumn 2019” when filling in your booking request.

General booking conditions without a specific pitch number are applicable. This offer is not cumulative to other offers or discounts being in force at the Campsite Aquarius. We will accept only written cancellations, by e-mail or fax. In case of cancellation there’s no refund. We advise to book a “cancellation-guarantee”.

Camping Aquarius, the bike-friendly holiday paradise

The northern Costa Brava not only offers nature, culture and unique gastronomy, but due to its scenic diversity, it is an ideal spot for cycling tourism. Whether you are planning a stopover or your cycling holiday with us, benefit from our Bed & Bike offer and get

20% discount on your camping invoice

The offer is limited to plots type “C” and for rental accommodations only valid in off-season. Accommodating cycling guest even for 1x night, we offer secure storage of bicycles during your stay, rental or sale of regional maps, GPS, bicycle repair shop, bike rental, shuttle service, guided bike tours…

Further information or reservations under: or by phone: +34 972 520101 – Please mention the reference “bed & bike” when booking


General booking conditions without a specific pitch number are applicable. This offer is not cumulative to other offers or discounts being in force at the Campsite Aquarius. We will accept only written cancellations, by e-mail or fax. In case of cancellation there’s no refund. We advise to book a “cancellation-guarantee”.

Transfer Service from/to airport Girona and Railway Station Figueres

We offer our guests a free transfer service to/from Girona airport and the railway station at Figueras. Please note the following conditions:

  • The offer only applies to transfers on the arrival and departure days as specified in the booking. The free transfer is therefore not available to visitors of guests on our campsite.
  • The offer is only valid for minimum stays of 7 nights.
  • The transfer service must be booked at least 7 days prior to arrival or departure, either by email, fax
    or in person at reception. Our email address is:

Please note:

The transfer bus does not operate between midnight and 6am!
It may be necessary to combine journeys for our guests. This can occasionally lead to waiting times – up to a maximum of 4 hours before flight departure or a maximum of 3 hours after arrival.

To make a firm booking, please send us the following information:

Name and customer number on the Aquarius booking
Number and name of passengers
Ages of any children and any requirement for baby seats and/or booster seats
A mobile number on which we can reach you whilst en route
Journey arrival and departure times
Origin and destination of your journey – exact description as per the tour operator
Flight or train number


Information about the guest «Key Card»

1.- The Camping Aquarius “Key Card” is to be used exclusively by a single card holder to access the accommodation
he/she has rented and/or access the disabled bathroom.
2.- The “Key Card” is property of Camping Aquarius, which means that it must be returned to reception upon check-out.
3.- In event the “Key Card” is lost or stolen, the card holder must notify Camping Aquarius reception as soon as possible.
If the card was being used by others between the time it was lost or stolen and the moment reception was notified,
Camping Aquarius is not responsible for any damages that may have been caused.
4.- The “Key Card” will be issued in exchange for a 10 € deposit, which will be returned to the guest
when the card has been handed in at check-out. If any additional “Key Cards” are requested,
a 10 € deposit will be required for each card.
5.- If the card is lost or damaged, the guests will lose their deposit,
having to place a new deposit in order to obtain a new “Key Card”.


Information about the «Money Card»

“Money Cards” can be acquired at the Camping Aquarius reception
or at the web site. The card, which is transferable as it is not registered or limited
to single-person use, can be purchased by guests either for their own use or as a gift for another.
Cards can be purchased for the following money amounts:
10 €, 20 €, 30 €, 50 €, 75 €, 100 € and 200 €.
The “Money Card” must be presented to a Camping Aquarius employee at the time of purchase of any
of the products or services offered in the reception, restaurant or supermarket at Camping Aquarius.
The purchase amount will be deducted from the balance on the card, while the remainder, if any,
can be used for later purchases as long as there is available balance.
If the card balance is insufficient for the purchase, the difference can be paid in cash
or any other means of payment permitted by Camping Aquarius.
Once the balance in the “Money Card” has been used up, or if it is 5€ or less,
the card will be retained by the Camping Aquarius employee.
3.1.- The “Money Card” is valid for the purchase of any product or service available
in the reception, restaurant or supermarket at Camping Aquarius.
3.2.- The balance on the “Money Card” is expressed in Euros.
3.3.- The “Money Card” is not registered and is transferable.
3.4.- The card is not exchangeable for money and its balance
is non-returnable under any circumstances.
3.5.- The balance on the “Money Card” does not accrue any interest.
3.6.- The “Money Card” can be used as many times as necessary until its balance has been used up,
or if it is less than or equal to 5 €.
In the event the “Money Card” is lost, damaged or stolen, it cannot be replaced
and nor will its balance be returned.
Camping Aquarius is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen cards.
In the case that the “Money Card” is damaged but the existing balance
of the card is known, a new “Money Card”  charged to the amount
of worn card will be issued, discounting an amount of 5 €.
These general terms and conditions have been interpreted and applied according to Spanish law.
For any questions that may arise in relation to the interpretation and application
of these general conditions, the parties expressly waive any other jurisdiction
that may apply to them and submit to the Courts of Law of the City of Figueres.

Order a gift card Aquarius

Required value: *

Please send us brochures


Information about the «Premium Card»

“Premium Card” holders are those guests of Camping Aquarius who are currently
Gold, Platinum and Diamond card holders. Despite there being only one type of “Premium Card”,
Camping Aquarius will apply and continue to apply the same benefits guests have acquired
due to their status as Gold, Platinum or Diamond card holders.
Likewise, “Premium Card” holders will be those guests who Camping Aquarius expressly designates as such.
In any case, these guests will be of legal age and have the legal capacity to be card holders.
The card is registered by name and is strictly for single-person use. It may not be sold, lent or transferred.
The “Premium Card” contains the card holder’s name, guest number and a photograph of
the card holder’s choosing, either of themselves or that of their family members.
Only the guest whose name is displayed on the card, or those immediate family members included in
the family photograph, may use the card. The card holder is responsible for any operation involving his/her card.
The first “Premium Card” is completely free of charge, and is issued at no cost to the card holder.
Upon the request of the card holder, and solely for the use of his/her immediate family,
additional “linked” cards can be issued, at a cost of 20€ each.

As indicated by Camping Aquarius, the “Premium Card” holder may collect his/her card at reception.
The “Premium Card” holder may take advantage of the following services:
2.1.- “Key card”:
The “Premium Card” may be used to access the accommodation rented by the card holder,
as well as accessing the disabled bathroom, if needed. In this way, a “Premium Card” holder
will not require a “Key Card” to access their accommodation or the disabled bathroom. However,
these cards may still be requested for family members, according to the conditions established for them.
2.2.- Means of payment:
The “Premium Card” can be used to pay for goods and services in the reception, restaurant
and supermarket of Camping Aquarius. To do so, it must be previously charged to the desired
balance in the Camping Aquarius reception. The minimum balance that the card will be charged to is 20 €,
and after each operation the corresponding credit receipt will be issued. Each time the “Premium Card”
is used as payment, the corresponding receipt will display the card’s remaining balance.
An extract of all card operations may also be requested at the Camping Aquarius reception.
Guests may pay for products and services by a combination of payment methods,
using their “Premium Card” along with any other means of payment accepted in the previously
mentioned points of sale (reception, restaurant and supermarket).
If guests so desire, they can have the Camping Aquarius reception reimburse the available balance
on their “Premium Cards”. No other means of having the balance reimbursed is permitted.
Notwithstanding the previous clause, if a “Premium Card” has not been used in five years,
any existing balance on the card will not be returnable.
2.3.- Permanent discounts:
“Premium Card” holders enjoy discounts on some of the products and services
offered by Camping Aquarius. To take advantage of these discounts, guests only have to identify
themselves as “Premium Card” holders by showing their cards to the Camping Aquarius employee,
who at his/her sole discretion may request a way of identifying the card holder (ID).
These discounts can be found on the website,
or at the Camping Aquarius information points. The discounts will vary according to the guest’s status
as “Gold”, “Platinum” or “Diamond” members. In any case, one’s “Gold”, “Platinum” or “Diamond”
status can be consulted at the Camping Aquarius Reception.
2.4.- Other advantages:
Periodically, on the website, there will be information
posted on other “Premium Card” discounts or advantages.
The “Premium Card” does not expire.
3.1.- Cancellation by the guest:
Guests may decide to no longer be “Premium Card” holders at any time.
To do so, they must contact the Camping Aquarius reception.
If there is any existing balance on their card at the time it is cancelled, it will be returned.
3.2.- Cancellation by Camping Aquarius.
Camping Aquarius may decide the guest should no longer be a “Premium Card”
holder under the following circumstances:
Selling, loaning or transferring the card to a third party.
In case of the death or disappearance of the card holder.
In cases of force majeure, legal impositions or those of another nature that cause the “Premium Card” advantage programmes to be infeasible.
Due to changes in the business strategy of Camping Aquarius.
In the case of sale, loan or transfer of the card, if there was an existing balance at the time
the card was cancelled by Camping Aquarius, this will remain in the power of Camping Aquarius
as compensation for any damages that the fraudulent use of the card may have caused.
In case of loss, damage or theft of the “Premium Card”, the card holder must inform Camping Aquarius
reception as soon as possible in order to prevent the possible fraudulent use of the card.
Guests may request a replacement of their “Premium Card”. The cost of the new card will be 20 €.
The advantages of the new card will be identical to those of the previous one,
and any existing balance on it will be replaced. In the event there was fraudulent use of the card between
the time of its loss or theft and the time Camping Aquarius was informed, the balance on the new card will be
charged to the amount of the existing balance at the time the loss or theft was reported.
“Premium Card” holders can find information related to the programme
on the website.
“Premium Card” holders will allow publicity notices regarding the programme.
To make changes to email and mailing addresses, or any other data needed for these notifications,
the card holder must notify Camping Aquarius.
If you prefer not to receive any publicity notice regarding your “Premium Card”,
you must notify Camping Aquarius.
AQUARIOS HOTELERA, SA, registered in the Girona Business Registry in Volume 66, Folio 15,
Sheet GI-1.150, and holding Tax ID A-07030026, and other collaborating entities
that may have been transferees and have had access to the personal data of the “Premium Card” holder,
declare to act in accordance with the principles established by the current legislation regarding the protection
of personal data, specifically the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data
(hereinafter the LOPD) and complementary regulations.
The data collected within the confines of these General Conditions will be handled and added to files
that are the sole property of AQUARIOS HOTELERA, SA, duly registered in the General Registry of
Data Protection of the Data Protection Agency for the purposes outlined in these General Conditions.
The collection and treatment of the personal data is for purposes such as the maintenance, management,
administration, expansion and improvement of the services to which the card holder wishes to subscribe,
join or utilise, as well as for measuring the degree of satisfaction of the services provided.
Any access by third parties to the data included in the files that are property of AQUARIOS HOTELERA, SA
within the confines of providing these services is governed by the principles of the aforementioned LOPD.
The card holder reserves the right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose this data by writing to Camping Aquarius,
Camí de Sant Martí d’Empúries núm. 5, 17470 SANT PERE PESCADOR (Girona),
or by e-mail.
In any case, the card holder will ensure that all the data is correct, so it is encouraged for all card holders
to maintain their information updated. In light of this, AQUARIOS HOTELERA, SA should be informed
of any changes in the name, address, email, etc. of the “Premium Card” holder to ensure of being able
to provide the proper service; if not, it will not be responsible for the fraudulent use of this data.
These general terms and conditions have been interpreted and applied according to Spanish law.
For any questions that may arise in relation to the interpretation and application of these general conditions,
the parties expressly waive any other jurisdiction that may apply to them
and submit to the Courts of Law of the City of Figueres.

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