Booking conditions - Camping Aquarius

Booking conditions as from 1 July 2023

  1. The booking is valid upon confirmation by the campsite, after acceptance of the booking conditions by the customer, and becomes firm upon receipt of the down payment of 100,-€ for pitches or 300,-€ for rented accommodation.

  2. It is possible to reserve a specific pitch number. This service is only available for pitches, not accommodation, and is subject to a "pitch guarantee fee" of 50,-€ (100,-€ if the arrival date is in July or August). Not compatible with the use of ACSI, CKE or CampCard.

  3. For bookings of rented accommodation (Anxova, Gamba, Pelaia, Pop, Rap, Sard, Tauró, Tonyina) the payment of the total price of the stay must be transferred 30 days before the date of arrival.

    If the booking is made within the last 30 days before the date of arrival, the customer must pay the full price of the stay within one week.

    If these payments are not made within the deadlines indicated, the booking will be automatically cancelled. Camping Aquarius will not send any notice of the expiry of the deadline. In case of non-payment of the second instalment, the amounts previously paid will not be refunded.

    A deposit of 200,-€ must be paid on arrival. On departure, the deposit will be refunded, once the absence of damages has been checked.

  4. All booking changes are subject to availability. A change of dates that does not represent a reduction in the length of stay or a change of pitch category does not incur any charges.

    In case of a reduction of the length of stay, the customer must pay the amount corresponding to 20% of the price of the shortened nights.

    A change to a reservation with “pitch guarantee” will always incur an amendment fee of 50,-€.

  5. In the event of a cancellation of the booking cancellation of the booking by the customer, which must always be made in writing, the customer forfeits any advance payments made.

    We offer the possibility of booking “on a refundable basis” for a supplement. This mode must be requested at the time of booking. It will not be possible to request this service at a later date.

    In the event of a cancellation of the booking coupled with one of the events listed below (!), the "refundable mode" will entitle you to reimbursement of the booking fees and the amounts paid on account. In the event of interruption of the stay, it will entitle you to a refund of the amount paid for the part of the stay that you will not be able to enjoy.

    The cases in which the customer will be able to benefit from the advantages of the "refundable mode":

    1. Serious illness, serious accident or death, unexpected call for surgery, complications of pregnancy or miscarriage, or summons for organ transplantation of the customer, his/her spouse or his/her first and second degree descendants.

    2. Serious damage as a result of theft, fire or other similar causes affecting the customer's home.

    3. Dismissal of the customer from work, provided that at the beginning of the insurance policy there was no verbal or written communication.

    4. Summoning the customer as a party or member of a jury or witness in a court of law or as a member of a polling station.

    5. Acts of air, land or naval piracy that make it impossible for the customer to start or continue their journey. All acts of terrorism are excluded.

    6. Theft of documentation or luggage that makes it impossible for the customer to start or continue their journey.

    7. In the event of breakdown or accident of the vehicle owned by the customer or their spouse, which reliably prevents them from starting their journey. Limited to a repair bill > €600 and/or a repair period of more than 8 hours.

    8. Summons to the customer for the presentation and signing of official documents known and communicated in writing after the booking of the trip.

    The supplement to be paid for taking advantage of the "refundable mode" depends on the total price of the booked stay:

    Price of the stay Surcharge (one time)
    up to 500 € 35,00 €
    501 to 1000 € 45,00 €
    1001 to 2000 € 60,00 €
    2001 to 3000 € 70,00 €
    3001 to 4000 € 80,00 €

    The "refundable mode" has a 30-day waiting period and does not provide cover for persons over 70 years of age. Cancellation of the booking as a result of infectious diseases or epidemics of any kind is excluded, as well as any cancellation resulting from restrictions or suspensions decreed by the civil or military authorities due to the aforementioned diseases.

    The cancellation of a reservation in "refundable mode" must be notified to the campsite in writing and with proof, within a maximum of 48 hours after the occurrence of the event that makes it impossible to make use of your reservation.

  6. In case of cancellation of the booking by the campsite, 100% of the amount paid on account will be refunded. This cancellation will in no case give the right to charge interest or compensation for damages.

  7. If the booked stay is not occupied on the day of arrival or at the latest before 18:00h on the following day, the booking will expire and the management will be free to dispose of the pitch or accommodation. There will be no refund of the deposit made.

    If the client gives prior notice of a delay in arrival he/she will have to pay the full price for the days that the pitch or accommodation remains free.

  8. If the customer arrives before the booked date or during the night, the overnight stay with caravan or motorhome in the car park in front of the reception will be charged as a stay in "pitch type C"

  9. If the client leaves the campsite before the booked date, he will be charged the equivalent of 40% of the total price of the services still to be used, except if he has booked in "refundable mode".

  10. the maximum occupancy is as follows:

    • in camping pitches: 6 persons

    • in the mobile homes Anxova and Sard: 2 adults (plus a small child)

    • in the flat Tauró and in the mobile homes Gamba, Rap and Tonyina: 4 persons (plus a small child)

    • in the mobile homes Pop: 2 adults and 3 children

    • in the mobile homes Pelaia: 6 people

  11. Pets are allowed (maximum 3) only in the area of specific plots. Under no circumstances do we allow them in our rental accommodation.

  12. The rented accommodation is delivered fully equipped (including bed linen and towels) and the client undertakes to treat it responsibly. If any object is damaged, its value will be deducted from the deposit. If the key card is lost, 10,-€ will be deducted from the deposit.

  13. Please note that some special offers or rates linked to a discount card or voucher are linked to special booking conditions (usually the "pitch guarantee" cannot be taken out). If you wish to take advantage of an offer, please check the conditions beforehand.

  14. The booking is personal and non-transferable. A transfer to other persons is only possible with the express permission of the campsite management.