Booking conditions - Camping Aquarius

Booking conditions

1) The booking will be valid at the moment of confirmation by the Campsite after the customer has accepted these booking conditions, and will be effective once we have received the deposit of €100 for pitches and €300 for rental accommodations.

2) It is possible to book a specific pitch number. This service is available only for camping pitches. A non-refundable “pitch guarantee fee” of €35 is charged (€75 if the arrival date is in July or August). This is not possible with the use of discount cards such as ACSI, CKE or CampCard.

3) For rental accommodation booking (Tauró, Tonyina, Pelaia, Pop, Rap, Gamba, Anxova) the remaining amount has to be paid 30 days before arrival.

If the booking is made fewer than 30 days before the day of arrival, the customer has to transfer the full amount of the stay within one week.

If the above payments are not transferred within the indicated term, the booking will automatically be cancelled. Camping Aquarius will not make any mention of the expiration of the instalment. If the second down payment is not received within the indicated period, there will be no reimbursement whatsoever of the already transferred payment.

A cash deposit of €150 is required upon arrival.

4) All subsequent changes depend on availability. Any change not entailing a reduction in the duration of the stay has no additional cost. For any reduction of the stay, 20% of the price corresponding to the cancelled days must be paid, unless the customer has taken out a “Cancellation Guarantee”. Changes in bookings with “Pitch Guarantee” will be charged a €50 changing fee.

5) Cancellation by the camper must always be made in writing. The prepaid deposit is non-refundable.

6) Cancellation Policy for Covid-19:

If our customers are unable to camp due to mobility restrictions, declaration of risk area or state of emergency, we offer the possibility of postponing the booking to a later date retaining the full deposit.

7) We offer our customers the possibility of purchasing a “Cancellation Guarantee” when they make their booking. It will not be possible to purchase this later on.

Fees: for camping pitches €1 per night of stay. For rental accommodations €3 per night of stay.

Compensation in the event of: severe illness or accident, death of a relative, pregnancy complications prior to the 7th month, physical damage to property demanding your presence, accident or theft of your car or caravan in transit to the Campsite, loss of employment, suspension or change of the holiday dates by the firm and restrictions due to Covid-19.

Prior to arrival date: for camping pitches refund of the total amount of the deposit except the pitch guarantee fee (€35 or €75). For rental accommodation, the cost of the first night will be deducted from the deposit.

During the stay, having already paid the full amount: refund of the amount corresponding to the part of the stay not used.

To activate the “Cancellation Guarantee”, the customer needs to notify the Campsite in writing, enclosing evidence, within 24 hours after the incident which forces the customer to cancel the stay.

8) In the event of cancellation by the Campsite there will be a refund of 100% of the deposit. This cancellation shall in no way give rise to other rights for financial compensation or interest collection.

9) If the customer fails to arrive on the agreed day of arrival or before 6 p.m. (18:00h) the next day, the booking shall expire and Camping Aquarius shall freely dispose of the pitch or accommodation. There will be no refund of any kind of the received deposits.

If the customer notifies a delay in arrival, the price of the days the pitch or accommodation is held for the customer will have to be paid in full.

10) If the customer arrives before the agreed date of arrival or during the night, overnight stays on the parking lot will be invoiced as “C type pitch”.

11) If the customer leaves the Campsite before the agreed date of departure, 40% of the full amount will be charged for the services not used.

12) Maximum occupancy is as follows: 6 persons on camping pitches, 4 adults (or 2 adults and 3 children) in mobile homes and apartment and 2 persons in the “cabin”.

13) Pets (max 3) are allowed only on pitches in a specific area and are strictly forbidden in rental accommodations.

14) The rental accommodation is fully equipped (bed linen and towels provided). The customer is responsible for the rental accommodation as well as for its inventory. In the event of damage and/or loss, the corresponding price will be deducted from the deposit. Lost keys will be charged at €10 for each key.

15) Please note that there are some offers or special tariffs related to certain cards or vouchers which are subject to special booking conditions (usually no “pitch guarantee” can be booked). If you are going to use any special offer, please check its conditions first.

16) The booking is personal and non-transferable. The transfer of a booking to another person is only allowed with the express prior approval of Camping Aquarius Management.